Sunday, November 11, 2007

SCARC Minutes from November 8

I was asked to post these here prior to Bill's blog being created in the very near future:

Minutes of the meeting November, 10, 2007

The meeting was called to order by the president, Bill Davidson, KW4J, at 7:00pm.

There was a roll call with the following members present:
KW4J Bill Davidson, President
W4YXU Jim McLester, VP
W4ATK Jim Rogers, Secretary
KC4PZA Jack Evans, Treasurer
N1YZ Rod Scott, MEC
KE4DZU Mike Burns
KI4WZO Greg Evans
KI4VVI Frank Hoult
W4AVD Alex Davies
WB4CCQ John Wilder EMA
KF4JLI Mac White
N4DKE Charles Spanos
KA4VCA Michael Spanos
K3FP John Outland
K4NVJ Joe Ford VEC
KB4FKN Stephen Moss

The Presidental Plaque was presented to Rod Scott, N1YZ by the president honoring Rod's service to our club in the past year.

Vice President's Report:
Rod Scott, N1YZ will present the program at our November program meeting.

Treasurer's Report:
Checking Account - $71.43
Savings Account - $1571.60.
The treasurer reported he is conducting an audit of equipment in order to get the inventory filed with our insurance company in order. Any member who has equipment belonging to the club is urged to contact Jack.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read, and with one correction, accepted.

ARES Training has begun on the Tuesday evening VHF net.
John Wilder has been working on the installation at the EMA.
Stephen Moss reported on the turnout at the Vulcan Run and alerted the club of the upcoming Meadowbrook Run.
Rick Seeders has been contacted in reference to a state grant and the proposed installation at the Shelby Hospital.

President's Comments:
The president described the e-mail information list and invited any members interested in receiving the email notices put their name on the list.

Board of Directors Report was given by the president.
The SCARC budget for the upcoming fiscal year was presented and opened for discussion by the members. The budget was adopted with a projected short-fall for the year of approximately $400.
In view of the short-fall, a motion was made by Mack White, KF4JLI, to raise the dues across the board by $5.00. The motion was seconded by John Outland, K3FP. This motion was tabled after a discussion and is to be voted upon at our next meeting in order to give ample time for members not present to present their comments.

$68.00 was collected for the repeater fund.
A discussion was held on the future repeater system (Pinnacle Point).

VEC Joe Ford, K4NVJ reported on the November testing session and the possible switching of testing dates with BARC.

Repeater Committee- No report

Red Cross Liason – Nothing to report

EMA – Lee and crew have done a great job. Antennas have been moved. G5RV is installed and operational as are UHF and VHF antennas. To be resolved are the installation of the APRS and Winlink.

Webmaster's report: Aliases are installed. Work progresses on the calendar of events. The president's email will change in the near future to

The Field Day committee chair person has been resolved as Ed Boutwell, K4ZSB. the field day site has not yet been selected.

New Business:
Christmas Party. December 13th at 7:00pm, Shelby County EMA. Turkey and ham will be provided. Members attending are encouraged to bring a covered dish. The program will be the “Dirty Santa”.

There was a motion to cancel the December 27th meeting and was seconded by Mike Burns. The motion carried,.

The president discussed the proposed calendar of events.

The meeting was adjourned.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Other Photos From Shelby EMA

Jim and Lee at ground level.

The Radio Room viewed from the Emergency Operations Center (EOC).
The EOC.

Photos by Hub Harvey, KI4PYW

Photos from Shelby County EMA

John and Ed working at the EMA.

SCARC Meeting "Minutes" September 27, 2007

Well, these are not really minutes....but the agenda from our meeting at Shelby County EMA. Sorry about the formatting:

SCARC AGENDA August 8, 2007 Page One of One Expanded

Current Officers:

President Rod Scott, N1YZ

Vice-President Mike Burns, KE4DZU

Treasurer Jack Evans, KC4PZA

Secretary Bill Davidson, KW4J

Assistant MEC Jack, Evans, KC4PZA

ALL Committee Chairs:

VE Testing Team Joe Ford, K4NVJ

Repeater Bob Thomas, KC4AF

Red Cross Liason Jack Evans, KC4PZA

EMA Construction Lee Aured,KI4NMD

Repeater 1st half of the year Bert Put, KG4BEC

A. Call to order
B. Introduction of visitors & members
C. Report of officers
1. VP – Mike is out of town
2. Treasurer - report
Accounts Receivable =
Accounts Payable =
3. Pres
A. Red Cross Drill Report
Thanks to KI4VVM, KE4CTX, KI4PYW, KC4AF, KE$DZU who remained on call wednesday for a shelter deployment.
Red Cross volunteers told me that the Red Cross was searching for another location.
B. JOTA @ Brierfield Ironworks Park
Contact Name: STEVE WARE Contact Phone number: 205-936-8569 cell
C. Oct 6th SET – In our area, there will be two analog nets and one digital net operating. 146.880, 146.980 and 145.410(digital).
Will take checkins as in previous years. Special focus on written traffic.
Digital traffic will be originated at the State Level on PSK-31, Winlink2000,
D-Star, etc. This traffic will be disseminated to the local nets ASAP.
D. Thanks to outgoing officers and committee chairs (see above)
E. New Officers
President Bill Davidson KW4J
Vice President Jim McLester W4YXU
Secretary Jim Rogers W4ATK
Treasurer Jack Evans KC4PZA
Director – 2 Year Lee Aured KI4NMD
Director – 1 Year John Outland K3FP
F. Summary of Year.

D. Reading of communications/minutes – Secretary – out of town
E. Application for and election of new members
F. Report of committees and directors
1. VE Committee – Joe
2. Shelby County EMA – Lee
3. Repeater Committee - Bob
G. Unfinished business
H. New business
L. Adjournment

Monday, September 24, 2007

D-CHAT Demonstration

Mike Burns, KE4DZU sent me this link and it is worth posting. It is a U-Tube film on D-Chat software. Some of you need no introduction, others have heard some of us talkng about it. In less than 3 minutes you get a great "flash" introduction to D-Chat.
Rod, N1YZ

Friday, September 14, 2007

SCARC Meeting Minutes - September 13, 2007

SCARC Meeting Notes
September 13, 2007

Vice President Mike Burns KE4DZU called the meeting to order at 19:00 and had the attendees introduce themselves, and there were no visitors.

Treasurer Jack Evans KC4PZA requested that all members who had not paid their dues do so now, or they will not be eligible to vote later in the meeting. A petition for membership from Bill Bussey KJ4J was presented, and he was voted into regular membership. Later in the evening Adam Raburn KI4UEB and Marcus Thomas presented KF4YHP their applications for membership and were also voted into regular membership.

Secretary Bill Davidson announced that the Alabama Section Simulated Emergency Test will happen on Saturday October 6, 2007 starting at 10:30 EDT on 3965k Hz. Also the Jefferson County Citizen Corps CERT Challenge is scheduled for this Saturday September 15, 2007 at the Alabama Fair Park Arena.

Repeater Committee Chairman Bob Thomas KC4AF reported that the new main repeater antenna has been installed. There is a voltage dip problem associated when the air conditioner is energized but it is temporarily relieved with the power supply being replaced with a larger one. Alabama power will be requested to install a larger service feed for a more permanent solution. Also, more money is needed to buy duplexers for the Pinnacle Point site.

Steven Moss KB4FKN reports that volunteers are needed to support the communication effort for the Vulcan Run, starting at 08:00 November 13, 2007 and for the Talladega Yellowhammer Run during Oct 5 – 7, 2007.

VE Test Chairman reports that three applicants passed the Technician test Friday September 20, 2007. He also said that BARC will be switching to the ARRL testing procedures.

Jack Evans reports that the Club has switched to Regions Bank and has $64.74 and $1371.47 in the checking and savings accounts respectively.

The annual election of Club officers was then held and the following officers were elected by a vote of acclamation:
President Bill Davidson KW4J
Vice President Jim McLester W4YXU
Secretary Jim Rogers W4ATK
Treasurer Jack Evans KC4PZA
Director – 2 Year Lee Aured KI4NMD
Director – 1 Year John Outland K3FP

Rod Scott N1YZ was elected to the MEC position by a majority vote.

Marcus Thomas presented the Club with a bill for $225 to cover his expenses incurred for tower climbing and antenna installation associated with the new repeater, and the membership voted to pay the bill.

A motion was made, seconded, and passed to close the meeting.

SCARC Meeting Roster
Secretary’s raw notes
Email from Rod Scott, forwarding SET notification dated Sep 13, 07 01:51 Z
Jeffco FAX to Bill Davidson concerning the CERT Challenge

Monday, September 10, 2007

In October Please Vote for Greg Sarrat, W4OZK

To all ARRL members:

To view Greg's web page, brochure, etc. follow this link:

Thanks for considering Greg Sarrat, W4OZK, for ARRL Southeastern Director.


Rod, N1YZ